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Using our free service you can compare costs quickly and anonymously.

Register, upload details of upcoming renewals, and invite chosen suppliers to quote. Your information is kept confidential and your identity is not disclosed to suppliers. Results received will be presented to you in a consolidated view and can be downloaded.

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Many IP owners are paying too much for renewals

This service has been created in response to huge disparities in charging between suppliers of renewal payment services. IP owners can use this platform free of charge, and without disclosing their identities to suppliers, to get a quick idea of what others would charge for the same service. The pricing provided is indicative and not a formal quotation.

Choosing a supplier
This service is designed to help you to decide who you might want to talk to in more detail about handling your renewals.

Price is a major factor in choosing a supplier. However, there are many other considerations that should be taken into account, including:

  • - How transition would be handled
  • - Tools for viewing the status of renewals, giving instructions and monitoring costs
  • - Other services the supplier is able to offer that you might need to call on

The suppliers who have agreed to participate in this service favour choice and transparency. There will be price differences between them. There will also be differences in the way they work. The choice is yours.

If you would like to join CompareIP.com as a Supplier please get in touch using the contact form.

Monitoring compliance – Renewals Audit Tool
IP renewals are a costly necessity, whether managed in-house and through your own agent network or through a specialist provider. In both situations, you need to be sure that fees invoiced match the terms agreed with your suppliers.
Hosted securely on your SharePoint or equivalent file sharing platform, our app provides a quick and simple means of checking renewal invoices. It allows you to input agreed local agent fees and other charges (such as FX mark-ups) and then check invoice items in seconds, calculating what the correct amount should be and showing you correct Official Fees and professional fees. There is also a forecasting tool that allows you to create cost projections, making budget planning a breeze.

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